Friday, April 27, 2012

Big Kitty

Meow Kitty

Public Yay

Ash and Rufus coax a "hello" and a "yay" out of the crowd whilst lamenting the lack of baguettes, wine and cheese in the local vicinity...

Ash and Rufus Live Painting and Signing

Legion Baby Legion

Don't forget the show is on until May 4th!!

Halo Preview

Update Sources Re-Venture

Don't forget you can chat with others real time and keep up with rolling Re-Venture updates at: and at the 3A blog - www.threeaonline/blog
This is an image of a bronzed statue of Rufus Dayglo's Solid Gold Death Mask.

Show Time!!


Getting Ready to Open/1st Signing

The following pics are of Machinen Krieger creator Kow Yokoyama signing!!

A Little More Leg

Rufus Dayglo Preview

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cool Gift From Confucius

3A Member Confucius made this amazing wooden Kitty, and it's so cool we want to share a pic with you all. A big thank you to Confucius for such an awesome Kitty, your talent and time is much appreciated.

Ash is Keeping Busy

As the last touches go into effect before the show tonight, Ash has commandeered Master Lok's Studio to do some painting of his own...

A Little Show Preview


More Crew and Art Gallery Pics

Here are some more pics of the Re-Venture Gallery.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hanging is a Precise Business...

More Arty Goodness

Photos 1 and 2 feature the work of one of Southern California's most beloved artists, the amazing William Wray. Photos 3 and 4 show some more of Ash's work, both paintings and black and white.

Final Preparations

After a full year of planning, we're almost ready to go! Here are some set up pics for you all to enjoy. The white boxes are for the toy displays;)