Tuesday, February 21, 2012


William Wray began working in the animation business as a teen-ager eventually enrolling in The Art Students League in New York to study fine art in the academic tradition. Uninspired by the conceptually dominated fine art world of the eighties, William went back to work in comic books, animation and illustration. He is best known for his painting style on the Ren and Stimpy Show and his work in Mad Magazine. 
A concentrated series of oil painting workshops over the last several years has led to a maturing reformation of his art style to an Expressionist kind of realism.  He has two book collections of his paintings entitled “Dirty Beauty” and “Sparrow.” He is a member of LAPPA, the California Art club and the OIL Painters of America.
Bill recently had a one-man show at the Bakersfield Museum of art and is in the Vault Gallery in Cambria Ca., Annie Irwin fine art In Georgia and Windrush in Sedona. Also in numerous Plein art shows, Bill’s profiled in the July ’09 Southwest Art July, 2008 American Art Collector, and The Artist Magazine March 2008. 
While he still going out Plein Air Painting occasionally, Bill has “retired “ to working in the studio, concentrating in an ever-increasing more personal style of contemporary expressionism. Bill lives In Sierra Madre California with his girlfriend Sharon and his vocally talented parrot Mookie.

Some of his many contest wins are listed on his website: http://williamwray.com/